Knee Length
A photographic story
of my ends.

With patience and care my hair ends have thickened as I maintained at knee length.

Classic length (where butt meets thighs) was my ultimate goal, but I enjoyed the growth journey so much that I continued on to knee length. I reached knee in January 2008 and have since maintained it there. One reason I maintain at knee is because it is the longest length I am comfortable wearing down regularly (at least around the house. I nearly always wear it up when going out.).

Another benefit of staying at knee, is it gives my ends time to thicken or increase their horizontal volume. At first only the tips of my longest or fastest growing hairs were at knee, but as time passed other hairs were able to catch up. I find this to be true at all lengths. After initially reaching a length it takes awhile for the majority of hairs to join the party. : )

Here is a photo documentary of my progress at improving horizontal volume (thickness) while maintaining knee length.

54" January '08

54.5" March '08

54.5" August '08

56" November '08

54" April '09

55.5" July '09

56.5" August '09

56" November '09 (uncombed)

56" November '09

55.5" January '10 (windy)

57" April '10

Trimmed to knee April '10

When it comes to growing hair, the

wins the race!

All images are cropped versions of those seen in my Length Photo Gallery.

Blunt cut versus fairy tale ends is a personal preference. I have enjoyed the look of both on myself and others. Just because hair is tapered does not mean the ends are damaged. Over time I was able to improve the thickness of my ends with many small trims. While maintaining knee length I like to trim about every 4 months but you can just as easily do microtrims monthly or one big yearly trim.

Sometimes fairy tale/thin/tapered ends can indicate terminal length but many times it is just an indicator that you need to trim to let the slower growing and shorter hairs catch up. Terminal length is the length at which growth rate = shed. Since my hair is still growing longer I have not reached my terminal length. If you maintain a length with trims for over a year (or two or three) and see no improvement there may be other factors affecting your growth.

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