Growing Out Thin Ends -- Success Story!

Updated April 30, 2010 with knee length progress photos page.
This is a post transferred from old LHC, dated Feb. 12, 2006.

When I first came to the hair boards back in 2002 my hair was a mess. It was long but I never did much with it, and I had quit visiting the salon years before (all my cuts looked like I was standing on the side of a hill). Although it was virgin, the ends were in terrible shape from lack of trimming and bad care. Here is my very first post on the boards. And here's a pic of it

Feb. 5, 2002

I'm at 41" in that pic, though hard to believe.

So I took everyone's advice and cut back to 34" (original discussion thread here)

Feb. 6, 2002

After 4 years and 14" later (with a few minor cuts inbetween, about 2" a year)

Dec. 2, 2005

I have found that over time, the area where my hair begins to thin reaches lower and lower levels on my body. It just takes awhile for the bulk of the hair to catch up as I reach new lengths. In the first pic my hair began to thin significantly at about waist length. Now it thins only in the last few inches. So there is hope!

Mar. 8, 2008

Update: I am now at my final length goal of knee length hair. Actually, classic length was my ultimate goal (note my website's title), but the beautiful hair I saw on LHC encouraged me to continue growing; now here I am at knee.

My new goal is to gain thickness along the length, which really is just a perk of maintaining knee length. At this time I have no plans to grow longer since I like wearing my hair down around the house and in public occasionally. Maybe one day I'll decide to grow longer, or maybe I'll cut back to classic..for now I'm happy here.

My journey to thicker ends (and overall healthier hair) continues!

After 2.5 years maintaining knee length

April 30, 2010

Thanks LHC!

For progress photos of how I thickened my ends at knee length go here.

Or here if you want to see all of my hair length photos over the years.

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